Dispersals, Bred Heifers, Bred Cows
Saturday, December 1, 2018   1:00 PM

Consignments to Date:
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  • Cressman Bred Heifers
         50 CharX (Tan/Whtie/Red) heifers bred Red Angus to start calving earlier April
  • Gerbrandt Enterprises (Dean Gerbrandt) Dispersal:
         200+ CharX (Tan/White/Red) cows - details coming
  • Jason Watson Dispersal:
         120 Black(75) & Red(45) cows bred Black & Red Simmental (a few bred Char) to start calving mid-March

         Many of these cows are 2nd-4th calvers
         Cows1    Cows2    Cows3    Cows4    Cows5    Cows6    Cows7    Cows8
         Cows9    Cows10    Cows11    Cows12    Cows13    Cows14    Cows15
         Cows16    Cows17    Cows18  
  • We expect several hundred head of dispersals and bred heifers for this auction.
         Details and pictures will be coming by later October.