Bred Cows / Heifers / Pairs
Saturday, February 3, 1:00 PM

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Consignments to Date:  Preg sheet now online. Click HERE

  • We will sell 16 freestanding panels, and 4 with gates attached, and 4 heavy-duty bale feeders at 12:30 before the cattle.
  • 40 Black Angus Bred Heifers bred Black Angus to start calving later March
         All vaccinations, Ivomec, and first ScourGuard shot
         Hfrs1    Hfrs2
  • Jacob Carrobourg 380 head Dipsersal:
         *85 Bred Heifers due to start calving March 10 - 60-day exposure
               Half are Red/RBF and half are Blk/BBF
               They are all bred Black Angus
               They are all home raised
               They had BVD/IBR shots, Ivomec, and 1st Scour shots
         *120 2nd calvers, 150 3rd and 4th calvers, 25 5th to 7th calvers to start calving April 1
               Half are Red/RBF and half are Blk/BBF
               Reds are bred Full Fleck Simmental, Blacks bred Black Simmental - 75-day exposure
               They had BVD/IBR shots, Ivomec, and are due for their Scour booster in Feb.
         *4yr & 6yr old Simm Full Fleck bulls, 4yr old Black SImmental bull

     Hfrs/2nds: Pic1     Pic2     Pic3     Pic4     Pic5     Pic6     Pic7     Pic8     Pic9     Pic10     Pic11

     3rd/4ths:   Pic12    Pic13    Pic14    Pic15    Pic16    Pic17    Pic18    Pic19    Pic20
         Pic21    Pic22    Pic23    Pic24    Pic25    Pic26    Pic27    Pic28    Pic29    Pic30   Pic31    Pic32

     Bulls:   4yr old Blk Simm      4yr old Full Fleck       6yr old Full Fleck