Prairie All-Breeds Ram Sale
Saturday, September 2, 2017  1:00 PM

This is a consignment ram sale put on by the Earl Grey Sheep Producers Group
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Welcome sheep producers! We are holding our annual ram sale on Saturday, September 2, 2017. Thanks to all our advertising partners, consignors, and buyers for helping make last year’s ram sale such a huge success. We hope that with all your support again this year, we will put on an even better sale this year.
Prairie All Breeds Ram Sale (PABRS) is organized by the Earl Grey and Area Sheep Producers of Saskatchewan. We are a group of producers who meet regularly to discuss sheep production practices, put on educational events and help promote the sheep industry. Our membership is always growing.
Our group felt that there was a need for a fall ram sale that would showcase all breeds and types of rams in one location thus saving sheep producers the hassle of driving all over the country, looking at rams one at a time. It also opens up another marketplace for breeders who have the inventory to sell. We also thought that by including both purebred and commercial rams of all ages, more buyers would be able to find a ram, to meet their needs. In addition, we are accepting ewe lambs to be sold in pens of five.
Everyone wants to receive a fair price for their animals, so consignors will have the option to pass their sheep through the sale if a fair price is not reached. Fees and commissions will be applied on any such unsold sheep. We are holding the fees and commissions at the same low levels as last year, because our group is a non profit association and not using this sale to generate income. Our intention is only to provide a timely sale of breeding stock options for sheep producers looking to by rams and consignors looking to sell rams.
We hope that buyers and sellers are in favour of this type of sale and will come out to help us make this sale an even bigger success. PABRS has once again contracted with Johnstone Auction Mart of Moose Jaw to provide the various sales services and to use their excellent facilities.
Recommendations: The PABRS committee would like to have everyone’s consideration when offering sheep for sale. We expect that all sellers have their worming and vaccinations up to date. Due to the time of year, wool sheep must be sheared within the calendar year (with the exception of lambs), but no later than one month before the sale. Trimming and washing will be optional. No haltering is allowed in the sales ring.

Note: PABRS reserves the right to control numbers, based on providing as many breeds, breeders, and selection, as time and space provides. The seller will have their entry fee refunded and will be notified as early as practical if such controls are imposed.

The entry form and terms and conditions are here in PDF format,
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