Cow/calf Pairs, Bred Heifers, Bred Cows
Saturday, June 4, 2022   1:00 PM

Consignments to Date:     information sheet now online

  • *Bar Hill Heifer Pairs
         20+ Heifer Pairs - mostly Red/RBF/Tan with calves at side born since late April/May
          Cows had Master Breedback shot, calves had Multi mineral and Vit.AD
          Slide Show of Pics
  • *Hunter Heifer Pairs
          12 Heifers from the Box Bar Angus Ranch. Purchased last year as replacements and
          we have grown these cattle into excellent mothers.
          Powerful, strong heifers with the looks and the instincts to make great addition to any herd.
          Bred to purebred Black Angus bulls. All calved out, and mothered up as natural as it gets.
          All the hard work has been done on these now put em to work in your herd.
          Calves have had Ultrabac 7, Pyramid 5, castrated, and Ral-Grow
          Pair1     Pair2     Pair3     Pair4     Pair5
  • *Blake Pairs
         37 Black/BBF cows from 4-6yrs old with calves at side
         The calves are Black and have been born since late March
         Pic1    Pic2    Pic3  
  • *Loveridge Pairs
         6 Red Angus Pairs wiwth heifer calves - 3rd, 4th, 5th calvers
         Exposed back Red Angus since early May
         Cows are vaccinated w/ vira shield 6+somnus,
         Calves are vaccinated w/ vira shield 6+ somnus and Tasvax 8
         Pair1     Pair2     Pair3          Otherpic 
  • *Happy Valley Farms Pairs
         30 mostly red cows with April/May calves at side
         Blacks have Black cavles, Others have CharX calves
         The cows will range from 2nd to 6th calvers
         Pair1      Pair2      Pair3      Pair4      Pair5     Pair6
  • *Other pairs - 5 Limo X cows(4 R, 1B) with limo calves at side
  • *We expect more pairs and breds of various ages and breeds - 100+ all together

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