Cow/calf Pairs, Bred Cows
Saturday, May 23, 2020  1:00 PM

Consignments to Date: Info sheet now online - click HERE

  • *24 Pairs: 14 Red / 7 Tan / 3 Blk cows - all 1st to 3rd calvers with March/April calves at side
        Pairs1     Pairs2     Pairs3     Pairs4     Pairs5     Pairs6     Pairs7
  • *30 Black 4 - 6 year old cow/calf pairs, cows have had Bovishield VL5 & Vit.AD,
         calves given Bovi One Shot & Taxvax
         New pics: Pairs1     Pairs2     Pairs3     Pairs4     Pairs5   
  • *10+ Black and Red Cows, mid-aged, Char and Blk Simm calves born in April
         Calves have had Tasvax and Bovishield shots
         Pair1     Pair2     Pair3     Pair4     Pair5
  • *11 young most Black (2 Red) pairs: 3 - 1st calvers, 3 - 2nd calvers, 2 - 3rd calvers, 3 - 4th calvers
  • *2 Red heifer pairs    Pic1    Pic2
  • *Speckle Park Pair   SPpair
  • *Poff pairs - (4) 2nd-3rd calvers & (2) 5th-6th calvers, Ivomeced, Bovi-Shield, Covexin & Blackleg
                       Pairs1         Pairs2          Pairs3          Pairs4
  • *Several heifer pairs:    Pair1     Pair2 
  • *5 Black Pairs, mid-aged, calves processed with Ivomec, Breedback, & 8-way - Cows1
  • *11 - 2yr old Red/Blk/Tan yearling open heifers, 1 steer    Hfrs1     Hfrs2
  • *Pic of some other consigned cows: Pairs1
  • *Two-year old Red Simmental Bull - semen tested, measures 40cm
    *Yealing Red Simmental Bull - semen tested, measures 36cm
    *Yearling Red Angus Bull - semen tested, measures 36cm
  • *We expect 150+ cow/calf pairs for this auction
    The following cow/calf pair sale will be conducted as planned, but due to the Saskatchewan Emergency Health Order, crowds will be limited to 25 people in our sale arena.
    We will sell the pairs one at a time in the ring to allow viewing by buyers on
    We encourage you to come to pre-view the pairs Friday before the sale - You will be able to bid online or over the phone with any of the sale staff.
    If you are hesitant to be out in crowds, please use the online or phone bidding options.
    To those wanting to come to the auction, please come by yourself to limit the crowd size to under 25, and you can participate in the auction as usual.
    Those of you who come for the socializing, we will welcome you back when the Emergency order is over, but for now, please stay home.