Dispersals, Bred Heifers, Bred Cows
Saturday, November 13, 2021   1:00 PM

Consignments to Date:

  • 6 HD round bale feeders (2 skirted, 4 not), 18 - 24' freestanding panels
    & 2 with 12' gates on the end, and a quantity of lumber from a local lumberyard
    all to be sold at 12:30 (before the cattle)
  • *Jean Bred Heifers
         12 Charolais bred Gelbvieh to start calving mid Mar
         Slide Show of Pics
  • *Gill Bred Heifers
         20 Red/RBF(2 Tan) heifers bred to easy calving Limousin to start early March
         Home raised, Ivomeced, Blackleg shots
         Slide Show of Pics
  • *2 Hereford heifers bred Hereford & 2 Red heifers bred Red Angus
         Hereford1     Hereford2     Red1
  • *Cleave Bred Heifers
         25 Blk/BBF heifers bred Black Angus to start calving mid-March
  • *Callaghan 2nd calvers
         13 Blk/BBF/CharX cows coming with their 2nd calves
         Bred Red Gelbvieh to start calving mid-April (July 1 - Oct.1)
         All calved out good last year with no problems
         Slide Show of Pics 
  • *Solberg Dispersal
         16 Speckle Park and Black cows bred Speckle Park to start calving Mar.1
         2 Speckle bull calves and 3 Speckle heifer calves
         Slide Show of Pics 
  • *Double Deuce Cows
         15 Polled Hereford Registered cows bred Black Angus and Hereford
         Bull exposure started April 15 for 60 days - calving to start Jan.20
         Cow ages: 4 bred heifers, 2 2nd calvers, 3 5th calvers, 6 mature
         All are up to date on vaccinations: Vira-Shield 6, Tasvax 8, & Biomectin
         Slide Show of Pics
  • *Allen Bred Cows
    35 Black cows bred Red or Black Angus for earier April
         The cows will be mainly mid-aged - coming off a lease contract
  • *Oliver Bred Cows
    20 Red/Black cows bred Red or Black Angus for earier April
         The cows will be various ages - coming off a lease contract
  • *10 Miniature Hereford cows and 2 Bulls
    Cows are 3-7yrs old, and will be preg checked
         Cows1    Cows2    Cows3    Cows4    Bull1     Bull2
  • *10 Miniature Hereford cows & 3 -3yr old Bulls, plus a pair (calf is 3 weeks)
         Cows are 4-6yrs old to start calving later March, pictures to follow
         Bull1       Bull2       Bull3     Cows1       Cows2       Cows3       Pair
  • *4 Dexter steer calves, 1 heifer calf, and 1 yearling bull
  • *3-Specle Park calves, bull          bull          heifer
  • *Other Bred Heifers & Dispersals are pending and will be listed here as confirmed

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Contact Mark Shologan at 780-699-5082 for more information or help

Sask Health Order:
This auction will be conducted as planned with no crowd size restrictions, but masks are mandatory in the sale arena and lobby.

You are welcome to come to the sale and bid as in the past, or use DLMS.ca to bid live online.